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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Electoral college dropout.

This morning, an ICU nurse at Long Island Jewish Medical Center became the first person in the US to receive the Covid-19 vaccine as part of Operation Warp Speed. / Reuters

Right now, the Electoral College is meeting to cast its votes for president. / CNN

Why the Electoral College doesn't work anymore: More and more, it potentially disenfranchises voters, and the Constitution doesn't help. / The New York Times

Congressional Republicans plan to stage a challenge in the House on Jan. 6, when the Electoral College votes are counted. / The New York Times

Discussing historical parallels between Trump's refusal to concede and Andrew Jackson's 1828 comeback. / Intelligencer

Following pro-Trump rallies in DC on Saturday, four people were stabbed and one person was shot in clashes between protestors and counter-protestors. / BuzzFeed News

Electronic voting machine company Smartmatic is demanding conservative news orgs retract "false and defamatory statements" about the company with regard to the presidential election. / Axios

Russian hackers gained access to the US Treasury and Commerce Depts., and have been monitoring internal emails. / Reuters

An American hacker claims to have gained access to the US and Canadian Emergency Alert Systems. / Input

Spy-turned-spy-novelist John le Carré has died at 89. / The Guardian

Charley Pride, modern country music's first Black superstar, died at 86 from complications of Covid-19. / BuzzFeed News

Just go ahead and listen to Pride’s “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’.” / YouTube

"I didn't expect in our life that our government would kill us." Ethiopians fleeing the Tigray war say ethnic massacres are happening. / The New York Times

The Cleveland Indians organization has announced it will change its name, continuing a process that's been years in the making. / ESPN

One suggestion for a new name for Cleveland's baseball team: the Municipals. / Cleveland Municipals

The UK and EU continue Brexit negotiations, extending talks past yesterday's deadline. / BBC

"People in power are not to be joked about, unless they are women." The 10 rules of conservative comedy. / McSweeney's