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Headlines edition

Monday headlines: “Everyday activities.”

From big cities to small towns, to foreign capitals around the world, the weekend’s protests against police brutality were massive. And they may continue through November.

“On Monday, they were forcibly removed from the street by law enforcement. On Saturday, they danced.”

Washington D.C.’s mayor had “Black Lives Matter” painted near the White House in “an unmistakable assertion of control.” 

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and his staff are almost completely surrounded by more than a mile of fencing.

In the UK, Black Lives Matter protesters threw a statue of an English slave trader into the sea. In Belgium, they went for King Leopold II.

On Saturday, 150 people showed up in Vidor, Texas’s “most hate-filled town” to turn their backs on its past.

Minneapolis City Council members intend to defund and dismantle the city's police department.

Camden, NJ, disbanded its police department in 2013 and saw a dramatic drop in violent crime—but that doesn’t mean the police were “defunded.”

In New York City, protesters are being held as long as 50 hours with no protective gear or ability to socially distance.

American police shoot more people dead than other developed countries, and the gap is vast.

Armed groups across the country patrol the streets after receiving (hoax) warnings about an antifa invasion. In Seattle, an armed man drove into a protest Sunday and shot a demonstrator.

A running list of hoaxes and misleading posts about the protests. 

Research over decades has shown that disproportionate police force can make a peaceful protest not so peaceful. Why are police still doing it?

“Sometimes, I can’t help but feel that our grief is all this country will let us own.”

In San Diego, frightening video shows undercover police officers arresting a protester and rushing her off in an unmarked van.

Physicians say the world was gaslit by misreporting about George Floyd’s initial autopsy report.

Several hundred epidemiologists explain when they expect to fly, shake hands, and do “18 other everyday activities again.”

Businesses are reopening, protests continue—but the virus isn’t done with us. “We have not even passed the first wave. We are early in this pandemic.”

New Zealand has officially eradicated COVID-19 and will return to normal. 

At least half of Singapore’s newly discovered coronavirus cases show no symptoms.

The average millennial has experienced slower economic growth since entering the workforce than any other generation in US history.

The Trump administration has removed or is attempting to remove protections from areas of public land equivalent to the size of Florida.

In other news, J.K. Rowling is under fire for transphobia again.