Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Ex-checkers

In a deal that also releases $6 billion in Iranian funds frozen by sanctions, the US and Iran swap five detainees each. / Reuters

Vocational schools in China are providing student labor to annotate data in order to feed the country's AI industry. / Rest of World

The "healthy life years" lost to long Covid per 1,000 people has surpassed the number lost to cancer or heart disease. / Financial Times

"Survey respondents say that age has negatively impacted their career, regardless of how old they are." Who is allowed to succeed in fashion? / Vogue Business

The US military has asked the public to help it find an F-35 fighter jet that was last seen when a pilot ejected over South Carolina. / Time

An analysis of which Americans still use personal checks, where, and for what. / The Washington Post [+]

Saving music from the internet's shifting sands means preserving physical media, and sometimes that means breaking the law. / Reason

"Musical artists are increasingly moving a song's hook or chorus to that initial 30-second sweet spot." How streaming is changing music. / The Wall Street Journal [+]

New York City's community gardens have survived a lot, including a crusade by Rudy Giuliani—until a $4.2 million donation came along. / Gothamist

"I'm hard pressed to point to the perfect version of this perfect sandwich." Bryan Washington's ode to bánh mì. / The New York Times Magazine [+]

Movies that began as short films—e.g., Reservoir Dogs, Bottle Rocket, and more. / Kottke

"It took a little while to get acclimated to the high strangeness of having people see you do sumo in a pretty public place." Inside an NYC sumo club. / GQ