Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: Five-year stans

President Biden will mark his 100th day in office on Friday. Some brief analysis of how he compares to Franklin D. Roosevelt, who set the (arbitrary) benchmark. / Wake Up to Politics

Health officials around the country resume offering Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine. / The Wall Street Journal

A vaccine against malaria has been shown to be highly effective in trials in Burkina Faso. / The Guardian

Among people vaccinated against Covid, “Pfizer superiority complex” is both a joke and a real thing, but it doesn’t seem to be hampering the rollout yet. / Slate

The US will send assistance to India for its surge—raw materials for vaccines, medical equipment, protective gear—but not vaccines themselves. / Reuters

Two-thirds of patients seen in the Cleveland Clinic’s long Covid center didn’t require hospitalization for their infection. / STAT

Will Butler: A great rock show requires openness and a kind of danger, “and those ideas right now feel too heavy to lift.” / The Atlantic

The absence of chit-chat over the past year is affecting you more than you think. / The Walrus

“If I permit my children to suck up content online, it is partially in the interests of allowing me to do the same.” / The Guardian

Five-year plans were once an indicator of certainty and status. They’re dead. / Forge 

See also: “Unearthing the Forgotten Design History of the Recent Past.” / MetaFilter

Recent analysis finds that better soil stewardship could reduce emissions by at least 5.5 gigatons of carbon dioxide—about 15% of current annual emissions. / The Washington Post

The UK gets its own Fox News, though it will go up against rules on media impartiality, accuracy, and harm that Fox doesn’t have to face in the States. Meanwhile, London has other excrement problems. / Bloomberg, Anchorage Daily News

Twitter blocks criticism of the Indian government’s handling of Covid. / BBC News

Chloé Zhao wins the Oscar for Best Director, a historic achievement that is quickly censored by China. / The New York Times  

Zhao is one of “a new cohort of directors, all women, exploring the death wish” that infuses the Western. / The Atlantic

Who should get the honors for Italy’s espresso tradition, all Italians or only Neapolitans? / The Wall Street Journal