NATO criticizes Vladimir Putin's plan to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. / Reuters

Daniel Ellsberg (famous for leaking the Pentagon Papers): President Biden should fulfill his promise to declare a policy of no first use of nuclear weapons. / The New York Times

Thousands of demonstrators hit the streets across Israel after Prime Minister Netanyahu fires his defense minister. / BBC News

An explainer on what the Israeli protests are about and what happens next. / The Guardian

Last year, drought killed 43,000 people in Somalia. / The Economist

The White House declares a federal emergency for Mississippi, two days after it was hit by a devastating tornado. / NBC News

"Every room is a battlefield." A visit to an Army base in California the size of Rhode Island. / Bldblg

Utah's governor signs two bills regulating minors' use of social media in the state. / Vox

As TikTok faces a ban, other Chinese companies are packaging themselves as international firms. / rest of world

A survey of perspectives on recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. / yeetgenstein

See also: "Real-time charisma as a service." / Twitter

A documentary for your lunch break, especially for fans of David Lynch: My Mulholland by Jessica McGoff, via Max Read. / Vimeo, Read Max

Thanks to a recent abundance of rainfall, California is expecting a "super shroom" event. / AFAR

Since 2015, a parking lot behind Taco Bell headquarters has been home to the original Taco Bell building. / Gastro Obscura

Unrelated: "Why in the world would you study tofu making? It's the career for those who have no other options!" / Asterisk Mag