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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: For whom the whistle tolls.

An explosive new report on the vast offshore systems used by the powerful—including 14 current country leaders—to hide billions of dollars. / The Washington Post

Litigation over the opioid crisis now shifts to major pharmacy chains, which are accused of dispensing opioids while ignoring monitoring protocols. / NPR

The whistleblower who leaked internal Facebook documents says the company consistently chooses its own interests over the public good. / CBS News

Related: "In 2019, 19 of Facebook's top 20 pages for American Christians were run by Eastern European troll farms." / Relevant Magazine

See also: Is Facebook finally in decline? "It's a crazy-sounding question, but it's also revealing." / The New York Times

Clearview AI says that, since previously reported, it's tripled the number of images it's scraped from the web for facial recognition. / WIRED

A deep dive on all the companies involved in the $12 billion market of buying and selling your phone's location data. / The Markup

A company that routes text messages for hundreds of global mobile carriers just disclosed that hackers have had access to its databases for years. / Motherboard

Scam experts describe various ways fraudsters can use your online data for social-engineering tactics. / The Guardian

See also: Meet the vigilantes who expose scam artists. / The Guardian

People taking a government teaching exam in India were caught using flip-flops with wireless communications hidden inside. / Boing Boing

Device makers are worried their Alexa-enabled products have been providing insights to Amazon, which is now fully in the gadget game. / The Verge

By overseeing coastal trade, US policies such as the Jones Act are strangling Puerto Rico's agriculture. / The New York Times

Watch: A travel vlogger flies to every United Airlines hub in a single day. / YouTube

"It was about luring tourists and trying to make Las Vegas an attractive destination by giving people any reason at all to visit." How Vegas became America's quickie wedding capital. / The Hustle

Long derided as tasteless, plaster reproductions of sculptures are making a comeback. / Hyperallergic