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Monday headlines: Fourteen minutes

The WHO reports the largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases, more than 183,000 new cases in the latest 24 hours.

A dozen states have seen record highs of new COVID-19 cases since Friday. One expert likens the spread to a “forest fire.”

The era of the pandemic may also become known as the revenge of the suburbs. 

See also: “A Tale of Two New Yorks: Those Who Left During the Pandemic, and Those Who Stayed.”

In Japan, demand for new masks made from Uniqlo’s underwear fabric crashed its website.

“It is long past time to abolish time. I have felt this strongly for a few years now and the pandemic’s askew, endless, perilous temporality has only convinced me further of this.”

John Bolton, former national security adviser, says the President is “naive and dangerous,” and poses a “danger to the republic.”

Among details from his book: Trump personally approving Chinese President Xi's decision to build concentration camps for Uyghur citizens.

Trump is said to be furious at the underwhelming crowd at his rally in Tulsa. TikTokers and K-pop fans may have led him to overestimate, but it’s more a sign of larger problems for his campaign.

For some foreign perspective: “Donald Trump spends 14 minutes at Tulsa rally talking about that time he walked slowly down a ramp.”

Not unrelated: How do clowns survive the pandemic?

According to the New York Times’s Ben Smith, Mark Zuckerberg and Trump have worked out a deal, but it’s “probably implied rather than explicit.”

A forgotten documentary snippet resurfaces online, of white children attacking Black children in New York City while adults nearby do nothing.

A funeral service for Rayshard Brooks will be held tomorrow in Atlanta.

Companies bringing in new leaders to help with race problems may be setting them up to fail, i.e., the “glass cliff.”

A fifth of the ocean floor has been mapped despite the coronavirus.

A guide on how to plan your first visit to a national park.

Meet fashion’s biggest new thing (to market products to): the “Can’t Afford Real Life Yet,” or CARLY generation.

A poem for your week: June Jordan’s “It’s Hard to Keep a Clean Shirt Clean.”