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Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: Gawking

India produces most of the world's vaccine doses but its own vaccination drive appears to be struggling. / BBC News

Covid-19 is fueling a “Zoom-boom” in face-lifts and lip-plumping. Meanwhile, beauty filters are said to be changing the way that young girls see themselves. / The Economist, MIT Technology Review

See also: A round-up of things that happened in international news last week. / what happened last week

Ezra Klein: The radicalism of Joe Biden may be unexpected, but it’s not inexplicable. / The New York Times

The judicial wars have resumed, and all eyes are on Stephen Breyer in the short term. / Wake Up to Politics

Ten miles from the trial of Derek Chauvin, police kill a 20-year-old Black man named Daunte Wright during a traffic stop. / BBC News

Yaa Gyasi: Why am I being asked questions that James Baldwin answered in the 1960s? That Toni Morrison answered in the ‘80s? / The Guardian

Jean Guerrero: Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller is quite plain about his views on white supremacy; why the media wants to normalize them is less clear. / The Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles once seized a thriving oceanfront resort from a Black family; new legislation may restore it to the family’s descendents. / The Los Angeles Times

Did you know? The Defense Department employs close to 200,000 people in property management alone. / The New York Times

American workers are on the verge of going wild—i.e., French—with their paid time off this summer. / The Atlantic

Despite resistance, researchers are investigating the possibility of a new mental health disorder—called SCT—that is similar to ADHD. / STAT

About those muons: another paper says their measured wobbliness is exactly what the Standard Model of particle physics predicts. / Quanta

The goal to protect 30 percent of the Earth is more arbitrary than people might think. / Vox

Ross Douthat remembers the days when Michael Crichton novels roamed the earth. / Reactions

Word on the street says that Gawker is returning under the helm of TMN alumni Leah Finnegan. (The rumors are true.) / The New York Times, Twitter

A nice way to start the day: setting the alarm to get up and read for an hour. / The Cut