Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: Good news

David Leonhardt: The news about the vaccines continues to be excellent—and public discussion of it continues to be more negative than the facts warrant. / The New York Times

On Saturday, anti-vax protesters disrupted operations at Dodger Stadium’s mass vaccination site. / The Los Angeles Times

See also: A Chick-fil-A manager fixed a South Carolina drive-thru clinic after traffic backed up. / WCVB

When it comes to Covid, Americans refuse to delay gratification, leading to enormous pain; Taiwanese people sacrificed for a short time “and reaped enormous benefits over the long term.” / Noahpinion

Two million Australians enter strict lockdown following the discovery of a single case in Perth. / Reuters

Myanmar’s military has taken power in a coup and declared a state of emergency, hours after detaining Aung San Suu Kyi. / The Guardian

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation wins Sweden's Olof Palme human rights prize for 2020. / BBC News

A former QAnon supporter apologizes to Anderson Cooper for thinking that he ate babies. / CNN

Republican lawmakers come under scrutiny for ties to an array of organizations linked to the Capitol attack. / The Hartford Courant

Lingering hostility over the attack has left lawmakers “more bitter than ever.” / POLITICO

Related: “77 Days: Trump’s Campaign to Subvert the Election” (also provided in summarized form). / The New York Times

We live in a golden age of cringe, “an art form defined, at least in part, by its grotesquely earnest monuments to politicians.” / The Washington Post

Following GameStop, the Reddit group WallStreetBets is headed for the precious metals market. / CNN

More than 130 small trucking companies have agreed to transport freight exclusively for Amazon. / The Information

Most workers’ productivity drops off as they move closer to the weekend, signaling the five-day workweek format may be outdated. / FastCompany

According to Sarah Jessica Parker’s food diary, Matthew Broderick soaks beans three nights a week. ”For real.” / Grub Street

Unrelated? Prior to a female seahorse impregnating a male seahorse, a courtship dance. / Instagram

Helen Rosner says the best ice is pellet ice, “and to know it is to need it.” / The New Yorker