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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Halfway to halfway.

The closing arguments are happening right now in the Derek Chauvin trial for the killing of George Floyd. / CNN

"Since testimony in Derek Chauvin's trial began on March 29, more than three people a day have died at the hands of law enforcement." / The New York Times

More gun deaths in the US on Sunday, with three people murdered in Kenosha, Wis., and then three others shot and killed in Austin, Texas. / NPR

Half of US adults have now received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine. / Associated Press

Fauci: A decision on the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine will likely come by Friday. / Bloomberg

India is running out of Covid vaccines, as the country reports its highest single-day increase in new cases. / CNN

Related: "In just two weeks, India's second wave of Covid-19 has become disastrous." / Quartz

Vaccine tourism, but different: Maldives will offer vaccines in hopes of reviving tourism, as will Alaska. / CNBC, Associated Press

Fake Covid vaccination cards are being sold online—a concern, as more schools and businesses say they'll require proof of immunization. / The Washington Post

Police detained and photographed journalists at the Daunte Wright demonstrations in Minnesota. / CNN

CNN reporter: "I've only seen that in Afghanistan when US forces were trying to control a local population." / Twitter

A look into private Facebook groups for special ops forces finds racism, election conspiracies—and of course, QAnon. / NBC News

"We would choose the most dramatic moment—or fake it and make it look more dramatic." A former alt-right video producer talks about his methods. / The New York Times

Following Parler's content and moderation updates, Apple will allow it to return to the App Store. / TechCrunch

Either the Pentagon believes there are UFOs flying over the US, or it's unwilling to admit America has been penetrated by adversaries' drones. / The War Zone

NASA completes the first powered, controlled flight on another planet, with the Mars helicopter successfully flying through the planet's thin atmosphere. / CNN

Biden golfs for the first time since becoming president. At this point in Trump's presidency, the former president had already visited golf courses 19 times. / The Guardian

In a poll, 45% of Texas registered voters said they'd vote for Matthew McConaughey for governor, compared to 33% who said they'd vote to reelect Greg Abbott. / The Dallas Morning News

McDonald's faces a labor shortage, with one Florida franchise paying $50 just to show up for an interview. / Insider

"We will be more diligent in the future." A realtor in the UK has apologized after exposing a homeowner's financial paperwork in a 3D home tour. / BBC

A real estate broker is selling an NFT that comes with a duplex. / Fast Company

Related: "When will we see good design as a NFT?" / Dezeen