Voters in Thailand overwhelmingly cast ballots in favor of opposition parties that have pledged to curtail the military. / Reuters

The World Health Organization ends the global health emergency for mpox, formerly known as monkeypox. / STAT

Responses from residents of Kibera, Africa's largest urban slum, to news of the end of the pandemic. / Goats and Soda 

Astronomers discover what they believe to be the largest explosion ever detected—so far it has lasted more than three years. / BBC News

Some recent short fiction we liked: "False Star" by Sterling HolyWhiteMountain. / The New Yorker 

"Dalifornia," a city in southwestern China, attracts digital nomads and young people looking to "lie flat" . / The Los Angeles 

The trend of young people trying on "hauls" of clothes—and then returning them—is contributing to millions of garments going into landfills. / The Telegraph 

Book collectors offer organizing tips. "People get really riled up about having books displayed by color," / The Washington Post

According to TikTok, videos with the "get ready with me" hashtag have been viewed more than 97 billion times worldwide. / The Wall Street Journal

From a flight attendant's food diary, a suggestion that more senior colleagues launder their pantyhose in hotel coffee pots. / Bon Appétit

Natural wine is said to be leaving its "silly, light" phase for something goth-er. / Punch

Pickleball may be one of the faster growing sports in the United States, but padel is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. / The New York Times

Photographs of handsome post offices around the world. / Architectural Digest

An interview with YouTube sensation Bobby Fingers, modeler of failed men. / Waxy