Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Hermit agog

At least 43 people were killed by a suicide bomber at a political rally in Pakistan, in what may be escalating tensions between groups aligned with ISIS and the Taliban. / The Week

The coup in Niger completes a coast-to-coast line of six African countries now under military rule, almost all within the past two years. / The New York Times

"Newly discovered antibodies can neutralize virtually all known variants of Covid-19 and may have the potential to prevent future coronavirus outbreaks." / CTV News

Texas booksellers are suing over a state law that would require them to submit ratings of books' sexual content—a task they say would be near-impossible. / The New York Times

The Coast Guard is capturing Arctic images for AI analysis of the region's rapid changes—shifts that are opening routes to military vessels and illegal fishing. / MIT News

See also: How to make photos confusing to AI. / The Hustle

"You are completely beholden to his whims and desires." With more than 4,500 Starlink satellites in orbit, Elon Musk holds unchecked foreign-policy power. / The New York Times

Of the more than 100 million people who signed up for Threads when it first launched, only 12.6 million—on Android, at least—are still using it. / Ars Technica

The Houston Police Dept. releases its investigation into what failings led to 10 people dying at the 2021 Travis Scott concert. / Pitchfork

Why it matters that Disney wants to perpetuate the lie that Stan Lee was the sole creator of Marvel: "If one staffer created everything, the IP remains secure." / The Nation

The ruins of Nero's private theater have been unearthed in Rome—among the trove of artifacts are remnants of costumes and backdrops from his theatrical productions. / CNN

For much of the 18th century, British aristocrats would hire ornamental hermits to live in their gardens. / Smithsonian Magazine

"Fishing is a serious matter here. Fish and chips is a serious meal." An ode to the UK's endangered chippies. / The Guardian