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Headlines edition

Monday headlines: I kissed a burl

A UK minister says Europe is closer to war than at any point over the past 70 years. / The Guardian

See also: Russia is engaged in the largest military build-up in Europe since the cold war. / The Economist

The US warns that Russia may create a surprise pretext for an attack. / Reuters

Finland's president is not optimistic Putin will reverse course. / The New York Times

Inside the long, strange trip of Trump's classified records. / The Washington Post

Your weekly white paper: American Twitter users have been using more political identifiers in their bios over the past five years. / Twitter

Emma Pattee: "Forget your carbon footprint. Let's talk about your climate shadow." / Mic

Photographers document the trend of "burl thievery," where poachers cut exquisite knots of bark from redwoods for sale on the black market. / Feature Shoot

The NFL tried to make this year's Super Bowl its greenest yet. "Inglewood residents aren't impressed." / Grist

A good round-up of questions and memes from the game's halftime show. / The Washington Post

Director Ivan Reitman dies at 75. / The Los Angeles Times

A readable explanation of why Ludwig Wittgenstein's Tractatus is both brilliant and baffling. / New Humanist

See also: Some brief thoughts on why dressing decadent in the desert makes sense. / Meditations in an Emergency

A sad profile of the real Suzanne from Leonard Cohen's song. "My desire to liberate her was probably doomed from the start: I could not know her, much less save her." / Guernica

The FTC says people sent $547 million last year to virtual sweethearts who were really scammers. / Gizmodo