Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: If I had the chance, I’d ask the world to dance

The United Auto Workers have now reached a tentative deal with GM, effectively ending a 40-day strike against the big three Detroit automakers. / Reuters

Shouting antisemitic slogans, a mob storms a Russian airport in search of passengers on a flight from Tel Aviv. / BBC

Retail analysts say chains are blaming theft for lower profits, when the true culprit is everything from inflation to poor inventory planning. / CNN

Google won't favor businesses that employ a "[Blank] Near Me" naming strategy—that is, unless customers post good reviews. / The Verge

Now at least 30 years old, the vast trove of online writing risks losing meaning, as the experience of reading it in the moment is as important as the words themselves. / Longreads

"It pays to understand how your opponents view the rules." How to win your next UNO game. / The New York Times [+]

Hopefully, Killers of the Flower Moon will bring more attention to Osage author Joseph Mathews, and his first-hand chronicles of the era. / The Ringer

Noah Millman: "The story of Noah…is a story of almost universal destruction—that's why my mother chose the name—which is hardly obvious material for child's play." / Gideon's Substack

In just seven years, the most popular music genres on Spotify have been upended—due in large part to a more accurate reading of the taxonomy of genres. / The Pudding

On gremlins, the scapegoats of wartime pilots, which "came to represent everything that could and would go wrong with modern technology." / Atlas Obscura

"A bleak work that accumulates terror through haunting images of desperate people dancing alone." Twenty avant-garde horror films. / Tone Glow

Watch: In a 1984 news clip, hospitals invite the public to bring in their Halloween candy for X-raying. / University of North Texas

Japan's "mundane" Halloween costumes, 2023 edition. / Spoon & Tamago