Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Imagine that

Russia says there's no connection between an attack on the bridge to Crimea and its about-face on allowing Ukraine to ship grain out of the Black Sea. / BBC News

"The total number of Americans dying each day—from any cause—is no longer historically abnormal." Covid is now an ordinary illness. / The New York Times

Since the start of the pandemic, militia-friendly Shasta County, Calif., has replaced nearly all of its Republican majority with a cadre of libertarians. / Unherd

Johnson & Johnson is suing four doctors who linked talc powders to cancer, alleging the studies used "junk science." / Reuters

Ten months after the death of Mahsa Amini while in police custody, Iran's morality police resume their headscarf patrols. / CNN

Connecting the dots between Honduras and San Francisco via the drug trade: part one, part two. / San Francisco Chronicle

See also: How cartel violence has reshaped Tejano identity in South Texas. / Texas Monthly

A handheld "camera" that uses location data, context cues, and generative AI to visualize an image. / Bjørn Karmann

"Just when the door opens and you start to see more women and queer people and Native American people in writers' rooms, all of a sudden we're asking if we really need people to write." / WIRED

Style icon Jane Barkin has died at 76. / Vogue

As brands clamor to start advertising on Threads, Elon Musk says Twitter's ad revenue has fallen by nearly 50%. / Slate, Quartz

See also: When looking at how other social networks operate, it's clear that while Threads may look like Twitter, it's quite different. / Stratechery

For nearly a decade, a habit of typing ".ml" instead of ".mil" has resulted in highly sensitive US military emails being misdirected to Mali. / Financial Times

"Graham's most splendid room accommodated his 'Celestial Bed.'" A look back at 18th-century England, when doctors and scam artists competed for patients. / History Today