Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: indoors, five minutes, twenty-one feet

Most of California goes back under lockdown, with the latest stay-at-home order to remain in place through December. / BBC News

A Korean study shows how a person can (and did) infect another person 21 feet away indoors in only five minutes. / Insight

Media coverage of the pandemic continues to overlook its impact on women. / STAT

The Arizona legislature closes for a week after Rudy Giuliani, who’s been hospitalized for Covid, possibly exposed several Republican lawmakers. / The Guardian, Arizona Republic

The same Oxford team that produced a successful coronavirus vaccine is entering the final stages of a vaccine for malaria. / The Guardian

Medical schools are seeing a large jump in applications, attributed to “the Fauci effect.” / NPR

New York City reopens some of its elementary schools; middle and high schools aren’t likely to reopen anytime soon. / The New York Times

The government continues to pump mortgage money into communities that face extinction from climate change—potentially creating the next mortgage disaster. / POLITICO

Six corporations that called on Congress to pass climate action are also donating to keep the Senate anti-climate. / Heated

Why do so many Americans believe election conspiracy theories? Rebuttals for the curious normies, the outsider-intellectuals, the recently radicalized. / The New York Times

Anna Silman: “Trump Lost, But My Brother’s Still in a Far-Right Militia.” / The Cut

To win a pair of contested Senate runoff races, Democrats in Georgia need a lot of things to go right. / Vox

North Carolina’s ban on local protections for LGBTQ people just expired. / The Atlantic

Thousands protest in London against India’s farm laws, joining the millions who protested last week. / The Hindu, The Wire

Demand for scotch eggs soars in England—a boiled egg inside cooked sausage meat and fried breadcrumbs—after they’re deemed a “substantial meal.” / The Guardian

Related: “Pumpkin spice bologna sounded like a stupid idea to just about everyone but me.” / Sandwich Tribunal

A list of the ways that dating during a pandemic resembles life in a Jane Austen novel. / The New Yorker

Emma Specter: “In Praise of Becoming a Deranged Holiday Person.” / Vogue