Headlines edition

Monday headlines: Laughing with the stars

About half of American voters aged 19 to 29 say they're absolutely certain to vote in November, much less than their older counterparts. / MSNBC

A new poll finds Republicans leading by three points nationally. / The New York Times

The current government in the United Kingdom is "a hand-to-mouth government," living hour by hour. / BBC News

Maggie Koerth: Can focusing on climate change help win elections? Evidence suggests small efforts can have big effects. / FiveThirtyEight

Zeynep Tufekci: To discourage folks like Alex Jones, our society needs more friction. / Insight

Dr. Fauci urges Congress to resume funding efforts to tackle long Covid. / The Guardian

The field of medicine is at its best when it's rife with questions, at its worst "when it is brimming with answers." / Bastiat's Window

TikTok is rapidly taking over the internet, with America's biggest tech companies reinventing themselves in its image. / The Washington Post

Tech companies don't love it—but don't completely hate it—when their employees TikTok on the job. / The Verge

And now here's a short video we liked recently! From the time a French TV show gathered together people with unusual laughs. / Instagram

Some upgrades to the helicopter parent model: Tesla parents, Swiffer parents, leaf-blower parents. / The New Yorker 

A study of two ancient texts on whether or not wise men should drink wine. / Antigone

See also: An annotated world map of places visited and things eaten by Anthony Bourdain on his shows. / Anthony Bourdain World Map

A poem for the moment: "Autumn" by Jane Hirshfield. / The Paris Review