Headlines edition

Monday headlines: Like dancing about computer programming

"They asked, in Ukrainian, 'is anyone alive?'" New momentum in the biggest war in Europe since WWII. / BBC News

A new report says an estimated 50 million people are victims of forced marriage and forced labor. / CNN

China emerges as an IMF competitor by doling out billions in "rescue loans" to other countries. / Marginal Revolution

The latest on how student loan cancellation will actually work. / NerdWallet

Three big credit card companies start tracking sales at gun shops. / NPR

Chris Blattman: Why would more women making state-level decisions produce a more peaceful world? Less unaccountable power. / Newsweek

Experts criticize the advice to get the new Covid booster and a flu shot together. Why? "It's still early to get a flu shot." / STAT 

Researchers discover a protein that may help doctors better understand infertility. / Science Focus

A typical German eats as much meat in a month as an average Nigerian does in a year. / Vox

See also: A chart shows how much animals sleep at night. / Moss and Fog

Iga Swiatek, 21, the US Open women's singles champion, has the look of a serial champion. Carlos Alcaraz, 19, the men's champion, becomes the youngest No. 1.  / The Guardian, Sports Illustrated

One way to do New York Fashion Week: as a comedy show where comedians wear items borrowed from The Real Real. / The New York Times 

A recommendation to read a book over and over, and over. A recommendation to use the Libby library app if you haven't heard of it. / Internet Princess, Nisha's Internet Tote Bag

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