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Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: Like water for pestilence

The trial of Derek Chauvin begins this week with the whole world watching. / The Guardian

Juvenile incarceration is down generally, but many young people in facilities have gone months without seeing their families. / NPR

After violent crime plummeted during the pandemic, Baltimore decides to continue to decline prosecution of drug possession, prostitution, minor traffic, and misdemeanor cases. / The Washington Post

"The American jury system has always faced challenges: low pay, not enough citizens turning up for jury duty, accusations of bias, and more. Covid-19 is just the latest challenge." / Westlaw Today

See also: Maps of Covid-related demonstrations held in the past year in at least 86 countries. / The Economist

Why are immigrants coming to the US in such high numbers? Complicated personal and practical reasons “that intersect where survival meets opportunity.” / The Washington Post

See also: The things migrants carry—and drop—as they cross the border. / The Los Angeles Times

California’s Manhattan Beach reckons with the fact that it once seized a Black family’s resort and ran an entire community of beachgoers out of town. / The Los Angeles Times

A doctor who provides treatment to protesters in Myanmar describes a week in the turmoil. / The Guardian

The course of the 1,300ft Ever Given has been corrected by 80%, according to the Suez Canal Authority. / BBC News

Why did someone pay $560,000 for a picture of a newspaper column about NFTs? Kevin Roose, author of the column: “I don’t get it either.” / The New York Times, Future Proof

If your job involves sitting in front of a computer using software the same way every day, “automation is coming for you.” / The Verge

If you like the internet, social research, and French philosophy, here’s an article about liking. / The Point

A new series of pocket-size books tells stories of recent internet history. / The Atlantic

Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, looks back on a year of daily sketching under quarantine. / Gizmodo

An astonishing (long) account finds writer Sara Gruen, author of Water for Elephants, basically ruining her life in order to free a man from prison. / The Marshall Project

Unrelated/related: The story of Annie from Annie’s Mac and Cheese. / SFGate

It’s the final week in the 2021 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes®. Which means it’s time for zombies! / The Tournament of Books