Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: Look before you sleep

India’s coronavirus infections and deaths hold close to record daily highs, increasing calls for a nationwide lockdown. / Reuters

The Lancet blasts the Indian government for ignoring warnings of a second wave and failing to be transparent on Covid data. / Lancet

See also: What it’s like to be a non-Covid patient in India right now. / The Juggernaut

Dr. Fauci says the US probably will be back to normal by next Mother's Day, if enough people get vaccinated. / ABC News

There is no legal requirement that individuals must disclose their vaccination status publicly. But are vaccine passports a Constitutional necessity? / NPR, Slate

Scientists have taught bees to smell the coronavirus. / Business Insider

Hundreds of people party late in several cities as Spain ends its nightly curfew. / CNN

What do you wear to reenter society? Amanda Mull argues against leggings. / The Atlantic

See also: “The Forging of Kate Middleton Into a Future Queen.” / Jezebel

There were at least nine mass shootings across the US this weekend, with the deadliest in Colorado. / CNN, The Associated Press

San Francisco tries something new to house its homeless population: sanctioned tent encampments, which sprouted up during the pandemic. / The Los Angeles Times

Interviews with Barry Jenkins from the set of filming Underground Railroad. “This show has broken me, if not once a week, every other week.” / The New York Times

A climate-crisis huckster, who claims you can turn your lawn into a carbon-absorbing machine, uses fake identities to attack his critics. / BuzzFeed News

A bot named “Dr. Fill” beat 1,000 participants at the American Crossword Puzzle tournament. / WIRED

David Sedaris: Sleeping together, actually sleeping, is the new having sex. / The New Yorker

A British farmer says he’s had the same dinner every day for 10 years—and the same lunch, except occasionally he eats soup (when it’s cold). / The Guardian