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Headlines edition

Monday headlines: Manifest ebony

The Russian military issues little in the way of reporting on the Ukraine war, suggesting things are not going as planned. / The Washington Post

Did Russian state media accidentally publish an essay describing its fantasy Kyiv victory? / Twitter

Masha Gessen spends a night in Moscow's last independent TV studio. / The New Yorker

A good thread from an NPR reporter on what it's like covering the invasion. / Twitter

The Central Bank of Russia raises its benchmark interest rates to 20%, hoping to avoid hyperinflation. / MarketWatch, The Conversation

See also: A thread of economic fallout from this weekend's announced penalties. / Twitter

Berlin undergoes a "revolution" in its foreign policy over the Ukraine invasion. / Foreign Policy

The EU may allow Ukrainians to enter member states for three years without formally applying for asylum. / Quartz

Fifa doesn't mind if Russia continues to play for the World Cup, though many teams say they won't play ball. Meanwhile, US bars push Ukrainian vodka. / BBC Sport, US News & World Report

Mitch Therieau: A vibe-forward, witch-positive, healing-crystal-hawking consumerism is perhaps today's dominant form of "hip consumerism." / The Drift

It's estimated that 60% of purchases at Ikea are impulse buys. / The Hustle

Unrelated: Why does Google still have that "I'm Feeling Lucky" button? / Real Life

The Museum of Food and Drink restores the Ebony magazine test kitchen. / The New York Times

Jamil Smith: The case for a Black history year. / Vox

"Where are the women?" Novelist Jonathan Lethem spends a year reading the work of science fiction's Stanisław Lem. / The London Review of Books