Headlines edition

Monday headlines: March 366th

A steady decline in new coronavirus cases in the United States appears to have stalled. / The Washington Post

Zeynep Tufekci lays out five key fallacies and pitfalls that have affected public-health messaging. / The Atlantic

Vaccine refusal is actually a portfolio of issues—dissent, deliberation, distrust—requiring a portfolio of strategies. / The Atlantic

Many details on the lengths that restaurants go to in New York to keep staff safe, diners warm, and inspectors out of their hair. / The New Yorker

Here’s the Stanford study of “Zoom fatigue” (with tips on how to beat it) that people are talking about. / Stanford News

In case it feels like last March never ended, today is Monday, March 366th, 2020. / Is March Over Yet

Related: Fourteen fixes for pandemic monotony. / The Atlantic

About 1,000 people gathered outside a Hong Kong court for the hearing of 47 democracy activists. / Reuters

Police killed at least 18 protesters in Myanmar on the deadliest day of anti-coup rallies. “I just came here to protest peacefully. Whatever they do, we just have to take it.” / BBC News, Reuters

See also: What’s behind the swell of unrest in Armenia. / Euronews

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy convicted of corruption and influence peddling. / The Guardian

Russian diplomats push their way out of North Korea on a handcart. / NPR

Parts of Brazil's Amazon rainforest are being illegally sold on Facebook, including acres inside national forests and land reserved for indigenous peoples. / BBC News

After Sen. Rand Paul’s outburst last week, transgender medicine made the news. Here’s a good primer on the current state of care. / STAT

A new AI called “Deep Nostalgia” brings very old photos to life in ways that can seem creepy. / The Verge

With the proliferation of streaming platforms, the plus sign has become an all-purpose marker—and a cliché. / The New York Times

A top sturgeon biologist has been accused of a yearslong scheme in which he kept himself and his coworkers in a steady flow of caviar. / This Week in Scams