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Headlines edition

Monday headlines: Neura-wink

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says he wants to see Russia weakened to a point of being unable to invade its neighbors. / BBC News

The US plans to reopen its embassy in Kyiv. / Haaretz

Why doesn't the whole world stand against Russia? Rising food prices and a history of Western hypocrisy and selfishness. / The Economist

French President Emmanuel Macron comfortably wins reelection to a second term. / NPR 

A climate activist dies after setting himself on fire outside the supreme court. / The Guardian

Nebraska's "obsession" with government efficiency is said to have given it an advantage when the coronavirus struck. / Politico Magazine

According to reports, Twitter plans to accept Elon Musk's offer to buy the company. / Reuters

Why does Musk want Twitter? Well, here's an explainer of the science behind his Neuralink brain chip. / YouTube

Scott Galloway: The more weight you carry, the more you need others to balance you. / No Mercy, No Malice

The global median income doubled from 2000 to 2017. And still half of the world's population has less than $7 per day. / Twitter

Gen Z is broadcasting its struggles with economic hardship in ways that, just a decade ago, "might alienate potential employers or be deemed too radical." / Vox 

Unrelated: A cosmetics company is trying to profit off of the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard case. / Jezebel

Los Angeles begins to build the world's largest wildlife crossing. / LAist

Some examples of armored vehicles used to ferry cash and cannabis for California's legal weed business. / The Drive

Ben Southwood: We should all live closer to our friends—but making that happen is pretty awkward. / Baldwin

A brief guide to electric conversions for classic cars. Also, live migration data of the birds flying over your county. / Ars Technica, BirdCast

A day in the life of multiple artists—Louise Erdrich, Ethan Hawke, Marilyn Minter—with advice for young people and artists in their mid- or late-career. / T Magazine