Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Never mind the mollusks

Local police raid a Marion County, Kan., newspaper office, seizing computers and reporters' devices, in what appears to be a violation of federal law. / Kansas Reflector

Music labels are suing the Internet Archive over its "Great 78 Project," which contains recordings between 1878 and the 1950s. / TorrentFreak

The most iconic hip-hop sample of every year from 1973 to 2023. / YouTube

"This song always makes me feel like everything is probably going to be ok and like, of course it isn't." Writers and musicians name their top five R.E.M. songs. / Welcome to Hell World

Artist Jamie Reed, known for his ransom-note-style lettering and iconic Sex Pistols record sleeves, has died at 76. / The Guardian

"The folding chair has become the emblem of the brawl that called so many to action in defense of a Black man who was abused for simply doing his job." / Hyperallergic

While emergency vehicles' sirens may save lives in critical situations, long-term exposure to noise pollution creates an entirely new array of health problems. / Curbed

The story of the Jacuzzi family, whose namesake baths began as a way to comfort young Kenneth Jacuzzi, who suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. / The New York Times

A mapping project is underway to uncover the history of England's "holloways," an ancient network of sunken roads that are home to rare animal and plant life. / BBC Travel

The tiny, colorful moon snails of Prince Edward Island are terrifying predators, burrowing underneath their prey to ambush them. / CBC

Three years ago, video chat was supposed to revolutionize the way we work. But all we got were animated fireworks. / The Verge

Researchers train a deep learning model that can decipher individual keystrokes using a microphone with 95% accuracy. / Bleeping Computer

Nearly 50 years ago, the Cromemco Cyclops became the first all-digital camera released commercially. / NEWART