Headlines edition

Monday headlines: Nyet

The Justice Department secretly took steps in 2017 to keep investigators from completing an examination of President Trump’s personal and business ties to Russia. / The New York Times

A man was killed in Portland on Saturday after clashes between a caravan of Trump supporters and counterprotesters. / The Associated Press

Republican students at Arizona State are raising money for the 17-year-old who allegedly murdered two protesters in Wisconsin last week. / Slate

For the White House, the turmoil is campaign fodder. Meanwhile, Wisconsin’s governor pleads with Trump to stay away and let them heal. / The New York Times, CNN

Panic-mongers about unrest in big cities get swiftly mocked. / Twitter, IBTimes

In Germany, “panic gets us nowhere” is a cultural mantra. / Bon Appétit

Reasons to doubt current polling about the presidential election: structural problems persist from 2016. / Axios

Police reforms face defeat in California as Democrats block bills inspired by the murder of George Floyd. / The Sacramento Bee

The US tops 6 million coronavirus cases, 183,000 deaths. / NBC News

India's former president Pranab Mukherjee dies after testing positive for the virus. / BBC News

One of Trump’s top advisers is urging the White House to pursue “herd immunity,” and policies are already being implemented. / The Washington Post

Related: “Want herd immunity? Pay people to take the vaccine.” / The Brookings Institution

Vaccines from Russia and China are based on a common cold virus that many have been exposed to, potentially limiting their effectiveness. / Reuters

Both the US Open and its tennis players are doubling as guinea pigs to see if live sporting events can survive until there is a vaccine. / The New York Times 

Some college students are grieving their sense of purpose feeling lost. Others find solace in the disruption of a one-size-fits-all experience. / Teen Vogue

See also: “Ant colonies distribute food effectively and safely after famine using a decentralized response.” / Ask Nature

Some people take it as a given that uncertainty is bad and certitude is good. Philosophy, as well as a growing body of scientific evidence, suggests otherwise. / The Atlantic

Internet guru Jaron Lanier says you should do everything in your power to quit Facebook. / GQ

Whole Foods forbids employees from wearing masks that say Black Lives Matter, but encourages managers to talk about Amazon’s support of social justice groups. / The Guardian

“What if I’m asked to sign something?” Questions to ask if you’ve been invited to a pandemic wedding. / The New York Times

In case you found the video for “WAP” lacking in male dancers, here’s another version. / YouTube

Black Panther director Ryan Coogler’s tribute to Chadwick Boseman: “Chad knew something we all didn’t. He was playing the long game.”  / The Los Angeles Times