Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: Officially AB

The Democratic Convention begins today as a television production combining live feeds, taped segments, and a telethon. / The New York Times

“At a regular convention, audience reaction is a huge part of the speeches. We needed a way to do that technologically and virtually.” / The Washington Post

See also: The all-virtual Democratic National Convention, explained. / Vox

Democratic lawmakers return early from vacation to block the Postal Service from making operational changes. State attorneys general are discussing their options, too. / NPR, The Hill

Why does Trump personally hate the postal system? He was told it’s why he lost the popular vote to Clinton. / The Washington Post

Seven months later, what we know about the coronavirus, “and the pressing questions that remain.” / STAT

Hundreds gather in Madrid to protest the mandatory use of facemasks in Spain. / France24

Any COVID-19 vaccine will likely run through the Serum Institute’s manufacturing lines in India. / Blooomberg Businessweek

“Many Covid-19 patients may be dying from their immune response to the virus, not from the virus itself.” / The New York Times Magazine

Jessa Crispin: “Our healthcare system is not remotely ready for 'post-Covid' America.” / The Guardian

Instagram photos of shelves full of skin-care products now appear out of touch. / Elemental

Your weekly white paper: “Professional Sporting Events Increase Seasonal Influenza Mortality in US Cities.” / SSRN

Pandemic journals, especially those published by professional media types, make it clear that we are not all in this together. / Prospect

Related: The USA currently has the high score on Cov-Man. / PRINT Magazine

Europe's largest 3D printer prints an entire two-story house. / designboom

“We are officially AB: After Bandwidth. And for the entire history of NYC (the world) until now we were BB: Before Bandwidth.” James Altucher explains why he thinks New York City is dead forever. / Linkedin

For millennial landlords and those with family wealth, the elite is always somebody else. / The Guardian

Only a quarter of US adults who self-identify as Hispanic or Latino have heard of the “Latinx.” Just 3% say they use it to describe themselves. / Pew Research Center

How to make small talk with white people. / The Cut

Microplastic and nanoplastic particles have been discovered in human organs for the first time. / The Guardian

Death Valley experiences what may be the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth: 130 degrees. / BBC News