Headlines edition

Monday headlines: OK woah

Six months into a respiratory pandemic, people are still doing surprisingly little to mitigate airborne transmission. / The Atlantic

A school that opened in Indiana this week had to quarantine students within hours. / The New York Times

A school superintendent in Arizona: “I’m worried. I’m worried about everything.” / The Washington Post

Is cleanliness a war or a balancing act? Brooke Jarvis reports on the new science around skin. / The New Yorker

“Insinuation anxiety,” or the fear of suggesting that other people are untrustworthy, is making social gatherings feel fraught. / Vox

People pushed into poverty by the coronavirus may face years of increased dependence on government help. / The Washington Post

For unemployed teachers, cooks, and artists, the gig economy has become the hustle economy. / OneZero

See also: “What It’s Like to Be the Phillie Phanatic Right Now.” / GQ

The most damning account of the Trump administration may be a new documentary about ICE’s evolution. / The Week

“I don’t think it’s penetrated enough in the average viewer’s mind that there’s not going to be an election night.” We may not know who wins the election until Thanksgiving. / The New York Times

Amazon is making more money from the coronavirus than Christmas. / Quartz

The Postal Service was only separated from the executive branch, to be funded by its own revenues, half a century ago. / The New Yorker

With social media, activists around the world mimic tricks and exchange tactical ideas. / The New York Times

Studies predict a grim rollback of women’s workplace gains, but no one is blaming the dads. / GEN

Watch: John Oliver takes on the teaching of race in American schools. / YouTube

Highlighting some of the African artists found in Beyoncé’s new visual album. Related: “Why We Must Be Careful When Watching Beyoncé’s ‘Black Is King.’” / The Root, Essence

The Believer publishes the first installment of a six-part roundtable involving Black writers and editors who work in media. / The Believer

Executives sick of Zoom are meeting in video games instead, “to bond, brainstorm or rampage.” / The New York Times

What it’s really like to work at Disney World right now, according to a theme park expert. / Vox

For some armchair travel, how about dashboard video and local radio from cities around the world. / Drive & Listen

RIP, Wilford Brimley, dead at 85. / Rolling Stone

A few things for this week’s coffee breaks: a family who couldn’t stop adopting children; a midlife crisis as a Russian sailor; the significance of busking in Dallas / Toronto Life, Outside, Longreads

A young man is quickly becoming famous on TikTok for saying “woah.” “nice,” and “sizzle.” / BuzzFeed News