Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: On fonts terrible

The FAA has been investigating around 4,800 active pilots who are still flying, yet collecting veterans benefits for disabilities that could ground them. / The Washington Post

Tropical Storm Idalia appears poised to become a hurricane, and is projected to rake across Florida and Georgia later this week. / Orlando Sentinel

Related: A "potentially widespread" fuel contamination in Florida could hamper evacuation and rescue efforts. / NPR

Hackers, apparently acting in support of Russia, shut down more than 20 trains in Poland using a simple radio signal that can be broadcast with a $30 piece of equipment. / WIRED

"About 40 miles west of Abilene on I-20, Sweetwater has unwittingly become home to what is possibly the world's largest collection of unwanted wind turbine blades." / Texas Monthly

If you read it, there's a font; and if there's a font, Monotype probably owns it. / The Hustle

"In the straight discos, people still feel they have to hear something they're familiar with." From January 1976, an interview with Tom Moulton, credited with inventing the "disco mix." / Gingerbeardman

See also: "Pre-Incan dancefloor that sounded like thunder was used for worshiping lightning god." / IFLScience

Brian McBride of influential ambient duo Stars of the Lid has died at 53. / Pitchfork

Watch: Stunning, bonkers 360-degree video of Apex Twin's set at Field Day 2023 from June. / YouTube

Why ChatGPT won't kill Wikipedia: because ChatGPT needs Wikipedia more than the other way around. / Slate

See also: ChatGPT is more than happy to review books it hasn't consumed, basing its assertive "opinions" on jacket copy and Amazon reviews. / WIRED

After banks shut out sex workers, crypto was supposed to be the answer—now that crypto exchanges can't maintain their own banking relationships, workers are again left in the cold. / Slate

See also: According to a new study, crypto has "amplified financial risks" in emerging markets. / Coin Telegraph

"A sense of drama had been frittered away." When spatial audio does and doesn't work for classical music. / The New York Times

Found in a collection of interesting vintage manuals: NJ Transit's 1981 graphic standards, Disney's 1959 Monorail manual, and so much more. / Internet Archive