Headlines edition

Monday headlines: One in 441

Joe Biden is declared President-elect of the United States, becoming the first person since 1992 to oust a sitting president. / The News & Observer

Kamala Harris makes history as the first woman and woman of color as Vice President-elect. That said, this is nothing new for the rest of the world. / The New York Times, Twitter

Donald Trump’s presidency ended while he was playing golf. In the last four years, he has likely played on at least 247 occasions. / The Washington Post

If you felt worry or anxiety last week, it might have been because you lived through an attempt at a coup. / Vox

A happier cousin than “doomscrolling” emerged over the weekend after the election was decided: “gleefreshing.” / The Verge

Goodbye, Ivanka. Goodbye, Stephen Miller. Goodbye, Trump administration, goodbye. / Slate

Members of Trump’s inner circle admit that efforts to overturn Biden’s victory will be futile. / Bloomberg

From the New York Post: “President Trump, your legacy is secure—stop the ‘stolen election’ rhetoric.” / The New York Post

Trump is not expected to formally concede, but is likely “to grudgingly vacate the White House at the end of his term.” / The Associated Press

“They say a star burns brightest just before it dies, and this was the Trump presidency in all its flaming glory.” / The Independent

Biden plans to quickly issue a number of executive orders to reverse Trump policies. / The Washington Post

Related: A list of contenders for new cabinet secretaries. / POLITICO

Health advisers describe the Biden pandemic response that is starting today. / STAT

Though it’s worth nothing a Trump appointee is in charge of handing transition resources to Biden—and she isn’t budging. / The Washington Post

An astonishing one in 441 Americans tested positive for the virus just in the last week. / The New York Times

The first interim results in large-scale trials show a Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine candidate to be 90% effective. / The Guardian

Airlines are being saved by cargo shipments: instead of human passengers, flights full of cheese, cod, and Botox. / CNBC

Five lucky breaks that prevented an election meltdown last week. / Slate

See also: A writer became a carrier from a love of mail; unfortunately, she did not find a workplace to love. / The Morning News

Alex Trebek dies at 80, about 20 months after announcing he had pancreatic cancer—which also killed John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsberg this year. / USA Today

An oral history of “Marge vs The Monorail,” perhaps the greatest half hour of television ever made. / VICE