Russian missiles hit civilian targets around Ukraine after an explosion disrupts Crimea's only bridge to Russia. / BBC News

The UN opens debate on a resolution condemning Russia's annexation of four Ukrainian regions. / The Times of Israel

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In perhaps his final piece about the pandemic, Ed Yong says America is setting itself up "to collapse once more." / The Atlantic

Notes from a Google "moonshot" program addressing opioid addiction in Ohio. / Bloomberg

A map shows about 705,000 US restaurants, with each restaurant given a "frequency" value showing how many locations it has. / Github

A series of 3D-printed maps visualize San Francisco's water infrastructure. / Scott Kildall

By 2100, Nigeria will have roughly as many English speakers as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand combined. / Foreign Policy

Rebecca Jennings: Going on vacation in the most Instagrammed place on Earth can make you feel bereft. / Vox

A long story about Susie Goodall, a sailor who tried to circumnavigate the globe without stopping, then struggled to tell her story. / Atavist

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Why aren't CDs, 40 years since their release, thought of as fondly as cassettes and LPs? "Maybe they're a little too digital and functional." / The Quietus

"It undresses the eternally flawed concept of gods." In praise of summer pro-am basketball leagues. / ESPN