President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy return to negotiations over a debt ceiling deal. / Wake Up to Politics

China calls the recent G7 summit, hosted by Japan, an "anti-China workshop." / Al Jazeera 

"The infantry hasn't changed since the First World War." Luke Mogelson joins a tank crew in Ukraine. / The New Yorker

A study finds the filing of a climate-polluting case or court decision against a company reduces its expected stock value by an average of 0.41%. / The Guardian

El Niño is showing signs of a strong return in 2023, "and it's going to have large global effects." / The Los Angeles Times

Samuel Fishwick: We should tax people who have pets. / The Independent

Uber's diversity chief is put on leave after hosting events titled "Don't Call Me Karen." / Gizmodo

An influencer in Indonesia faces up to five years in jail for trying pork on TikTok. Meanwhile, Twitter becomes a hub for pirated movies. / rest of world, Quartz

K-pop fans explain why they pay hundreds of dollars for "video fansigns," or a chance to video-chat with their favorite singers. / Business Insider

Meera Khare: Synesthesia is not just a different way of perceiving the world, it is a different way of remembering and recording the world. / Open Mind

"Psychophysics," devised in the nineteenth century, finds new favor with developers of augmented or virtual reality experiences. / The MIT Press Reader

"Ever breathe a frequency?" Report from a recent sound experience in France where alphorn players met Catholic protesters. / Pitchfork

Variations of incomplete cubes by Sol LeWitt. Startling photographs from Brooke DiDonato. Seaside dreamscapes from painter Takako Yamaguchi. / Flashbak, Brooke DiDonato, Ortuzar Projects

"Personally, I think 'eat the rich' is quite acceptable right now." Recent signals from Rosecrans Baldwin's travel diary. / Meditations in an Emergency