Headlines edition

Monday headlines: Read my grits

Journalists from multiple news groups present evidence of industrial-scale spying that targets reporters activists, politicians, and business executives around the world. / The Washington Post

Here is an overview of the findings thus far. / PBS

Oregon’s Bootleg fire grew to more than 476 square miles over the weekend, an area about the size of Los Angeles. / The Associated Press

A look at the difficulties facing communities bracing for climate change along San Francisco Bay. / The San Francisco Chronicle

In Napa Valley, farmers are putting sunscreen on their grapes. / The New York Times

Related: “We used to say ‘unprecedented and historic.’ We’re past that now.” / The Los Angeles Times

Two South African soccer players test positive for Covid in Tokyo’s Olympic Village. Tennis star Coco Gauff will miss the Games after testing positive at home. / Vulture, BuzzFeed News

Peter Hessler learns how to downhill ski in China. / The New Yorker

For some people, with the midway mark of 2021 already come and gone, time feels like it’s rushing by. / Apartment Therapy

Most Americans like working from home, but Democrats like it more. / Vox

Some 66 percent of Republicans living in the South support seceding from the United States. / The Why Axis

A New Yorker learns how to speak Southern over plates of shrimp and grits. / The Bitter Southerner

“No-recipe recipes” are the hot thing in recent food culture, though they’ve been around for ages. / Eater

Related: “I want to believe that “hot girl food,” just like “hot girl summer,” is a state of mind that we can all own, but I’m not convinced.” / VICE

Annalisa Barbieri: Why I’m glad that I’m an ‘overthinker.’ / The Guardian