Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Reopen, reclose, reopen.

The US coronavirus death toll from COVID-19 has topped 40,000 people, among more than 750,000 cases.

A live, state-by-state measure of Rt, an important value for how fast COVID-19 is growing.

In Nova Scotia, a gunman murdered at least 16 people over the course of 12 hours in the country's deadliest mass shooting since 1989.

Contamination during manufacturing of the CDC's test for the coronavirus resulted in delays that cost the US weeks in response time.

"Even in mid-February, Fauci was describing the risk to Americans as 'relatively low.'" A timeline of health experts' magical thinking on the topic of COVID-19.

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How the biggest COVID-19 cluster in the US occurred at a South Dakota pork plant—where state officials and the company alike appeared to do little to stem the tide.

"I had my temperature taken more during that trip to China than I ever have in my entire life." How quarantining in China differs from the US.

A symptom-by-symptom, organ-by-organ walkthrough of how COVID-19 kills.

"It's fine to say you are worried." How not to say the wrong thing to healthcare workers.

This weekend, thousands gathered to protest US states' stay-at-home orders; flouting social-distancing and face-covering rules.

Boeing is set to reopen manufacturing plants in Washington state, where 27,000 employees will come back to work under new safety measures.

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Looking ahead to what the next two years in the US may be like—with work starting and stopping, surges followed by lockdowns, and a virus that could become less deadly.

"Some have brought their own medical equipment." How the super-rich quarantine in Jackson Hole.

Quarantines are exacerbating the digital divide, which separates those who have a smartphone or high-speed home internet, and those who don't.

What people are googling how to do now, compared to one year ago: "Make a mask with fabric," versus "Train Your Dragon."

Submissions to the "Best of Nextdoor" Twitter account have quadrupled under quarantine—overall, submissions have been more positive than usual.

The crisis facing professional tennis: Low-ranked players are the sport's future, but some are giving up on paying for travel to now-canceled tournaments. 

On the history of 4:20 as code for smoking pot, and how this year's 4/20 will take on a very different (and non-public) feel.

"I'm definitely socially isolating, at least." A man who bought an abandoned—and reputedly haunted—California town says he's quarantining with ghosts.