Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: Resonance

The speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. find particular resonance “amid a year of sickness and death, Black Lives Matter protests and the storming of the Capitol.” / The New York Times

Washington DC will host 25,000 members of the National Guard to help provide security at this week's presidential inauguration. / ABC News

The FBI is vetting Guard members for fear that some may pose a threat. / The Associated Press

At least 13 off-duty law enforcement officials are suspected of taking part in the Capitol attack, a tally that can still grow. / The Washington Post

If you haven’t read Friday’s extraordinary account of the attack by Luke Mogelson, we recommend it. You can also view his phone footage from inside the Senate chamber. / The New Yorker

Related: A collection of hundreds of videos that were uploaded to Parler during the riot. / ProPublica

Women used Bumble last week to capture evidence from MAGA bros and send it to the FBI. / Law and Order

Prominent Republicans, conservative media voices, and everyday voters are making a shift to downplay the attack’s violent actions. / The New York Times

The FBI is investigating whether foreign governments, organizations, or individuals provided financial support to rioters. / NBC News

President Trump is preparing to pardon or commute the sentences of more than 100 people in his final hours in office. / MSN

Online misinformation about election fraud fell 73 percent after social media sites suspended Trump and many Q-backing accounts last week. / The Washington Post

Emily Atkin: Corporations need to treat climate deniers like election deniers. / Heated

Joe Biden may not be allowed to bring his Peloton to the White House for fear of a hacking risk. / Esquire

The incoming CDC director says the United States can expect half a million deaths from Covid by the middle of February. / CBS News

So many people have died in Los Angeles County that officials temporarily suspended air-quality regulations that limit the number of cremations. / The Los Angeles Times

In New Jersey, smoking cigarettes is included among the high-risk conditions that make people eligible for a Covid vaccine. / The New York Times

How is West Virginia vaccinating people so quickly? Advanced planning, leadership, and local pharmacies. / Dear Pandemic

“Nothing was going to plan—but then, nothing has gone to plan all year.” Lauri Penny and “My Highly Unexpected Heterosexual Pandemic Zoom Wedding.” / WIRED

(Mostly) unrelated to all of this: Ann Patchett writes a long account of her deep, out-of-nowhere friendship with Tom Hanks’s assistant Sooki. / Harper’s