Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Rolling on the floor screaming.

Trump's alleged plan to win reelection: Prematurely claim victory on election night so remaining vote counting appears fraudulent. / Axios

"Competent criminals rarely announce their crimes in advance." The Trump's campaign's "illegitimate and stupid plan" to win the election. / The Message Box

Ahead of election night, news orgs have vowed to be careful about projecting and calling races too early. / News Literacy Project

A US district judge orders the USPS to follow its "extraordinary measures" policy to expedite ballots. / CNBC

Nate Silver: "I'm here to remind you that Trump can still win." / FiveThirtyEight

"We may need the 25th Amendment if Trump loses." / The New Yorker

Police in North Carolina pepper-sprayed protestors and children who were participating in the "I Am Change" march to the polls on Saturday. / The News & Observer

Wikipedia has locked down its 2020 election content to protect against misinformation. / WIRED

Related: "Facebook’s mitigation strategy around this year’s presidential election has been the same as ever: reactionary, rather than preventative, and with huge room for error." / Input

The Texas Supreme Court rejected Republican activists’ bid to throw out nearly 127,000 votes cast at drive-through polling sites in Harris County—now a federal court in Houston is hearing their last-minute appeal.  / The Texas Tribune, POLITICO

Related: "At one point around midnight, a technical glitch caused a 30-minute delay. No one drove off without voting." The scene at Harris County's 24-hour polling stations. / Texas Monthly

The FBI is investigating an incident that occurred on a highway near Austin, Texas, on Friday in which a group of Trump supporters "ambushed" a Biden campaign bus, apparently attempting to force it off the road. / BuzzFeed News

See also: Caravans of Trump supporters blocked off traffic in New York and New Jersey. / NBC New York

A joint report by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project and MilitiaWatch cites which states are at increased risk for election-related militia activity. / The Hill

Most presidents break around a third of their campaign promises. In Trump's first term, he broke about half of his. / The New York Times

From downplaying the coronavirus to lying about trivial matters, the seven categories of dishonesty Trump has employed at his most recent rallies. / CNN

A Stanford University study suggests 18 Trump rallies between June 20 and Sept. 22 resulted in more than 700 deaths from COVID-19. / Axios

As fall and winter approach, Fauci assesses Trump's pandemic response: "You could not possibly be positioned more poorly." / The Washington Post

Boris Johnson announces a second lockdown to begin in England on Thursday, with nonessential facilities closing for at least four weeks. / The Guardian

For the first time in nearly five months, Australia has no new daily coronavirus cases. / Reuters

Machu Picchu has reopened after nearly eight months of closure due to the pandemic. / BBC

"It is, in its own way, a kind of self-care." Jess Zimmerman on why it's perfectly fine to lie on the floor and scream. / Slate