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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Romancing the clone.

"A hero in our eyes." These are the people who were murdered at a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday. / The Buffalo News

The shooting suspect wrote a document invoking the "great replacement theory," the once-fringe, now-popular racist refrain in conservative media. / The Washington Post

See also: A series of shootings at Asian-owned businesses in Dallas appear to be linked. / Axios Dallas

Sweden has announced it's joining Finland in ending its neutrality, and applying for NATO membership. / Associated Press

Republicans are openly fighting over whether to give aid to Ukraine. / Vanity Fair

See also: Even pro-Russia war bloggers are losing faith. / The New York Times

McDonald's is selling off its business in Russia, citing the uncertainty of operations caused by the invasion. / NBC News

According to a new survey, almost 80% of women in the US say they had to save in order to cover travel costs to reach the closest abortion clinic. / UPI

Nebraska's governor says if Roe is overturned, the state will pass a total ban on abortion, including in cases of rape or incest. / CNN

"If the United States had the same Covid death rate as Australia, about 900,000 lives would have been saved." / The New York Times

In the past four years, nearly half of African countries' governments have blocked their citizens' internet access during conflicts or elections. / Quartz

"Formula feeding influencers" are helping their followers locate formula and providing advice and guides for worried parents. / BuzzFeed News

"Flirting with an actual person is exciting partly due to the tension, the possibility of fucking it up, the unknowability of the other." A love affair with an AI. / Dazed

A Margaret Thatcher statue that went up in her hometown of Grantham was egged within two hours of its installation. / The Guardian

Outfitted with transparent ceilings, Taos-based artist Debbie Long's vintage RVs offer a unique view of the desert sky. / Hyperallergic

"We're mad the city is loud, we're mad we can't concentrate, we're mad we can't sleep." When a $30 Brian Eno app is worth it. / Dirt