Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: Sob talk

The outer fencing erected around the Capitol was removed this weekend. Still, the legislative branch remains “toxic and unsettled.” / CNN, The Associated Press

Charges against officers in the Capitol riot ignite concerns about extremists working in law enforcement. / USA Today

A new video shows how Capitol police tried and failed to repel the 1/6 attackers. / The New York Times

A HuffPost investigation tracked down a Florida man who was caught on video attacking police officers with a fire extinguisher. / HuffPost

A volcano in southwest Iceland erupted on Friday night, following weeks of earthquakes. Here’s some drone footage. / CBS News, Instagram

US trials confirm the AstraZeneca vaccine’s safety and efficacy (79% effective at stopping symptomatic Covid, 100% effective at preventing serious illness, and no safety issues regarding blood clots). The next step for regulators could be emergency authorization. / STAT

In the United States, 81 million people have had at least one dose of Covid vaccine (32% of adults, with 17% fully vaccinated). / Twitter

Kevin Roose: The pandemic is fueling a boom in AI-powered “bossware” designed for white-collar executives who want to keep tabs on their newly distributed workforces. / Futureproof

“Work is our lover. And this year, we took it to bed.” If your work-life balance is out of whack, perhaps blame capitalism and the pandemic. / Vox

A couple was recently escorted out of a Brooklyn bar for “bathroom shenanigans.” They’d met an hour earlier. / Twitter

Allison Davis: Maybe in our post-pandemic life, we’ll hate hand-holding. But probably not. / The Cut

Choire Sicha: A privileged set of young Americans mount laborious and costly self-care rituals “in order to sneak a bite-size amount of control and warm feeling for themselves.” / The New York Review of Books

Unrelated/related: A free box of hair. / Craigslist

Videos labeled #BookTok of users openly sobbing while reading are driving unheard-of sales. / The New York Times

Speaking of sobbing, as March Madness gets underway, probably the best video of a press conference meltdown. / Twitter

Today in the Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes®, it’s day two of the Quarterfinals! / The Tournament of Books