Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Something wicked which way comes

NASA has brought back its first asteroid samples—the 4.5 billion-year-old specimens are the largest sample return since the Apollo moon landings. / AP

Biden's push to remove medical debt from credit scores is a good start, advocates say, but should extend to banning medical credit cards and ending debt-related care denial. / STAT

Starting today, US residents can now request another set of free at-home Covid tests. / USPS

Multiple countries stopped selling the iPhone 12 after the device failed a French radiation test—though many phones fail the same test. / Ars Technica, WIRED

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"I'm curious about this use of 'which' in a US Supreme Court opinion from April 30, 1934." Is this "which" dead? / Grammarphobia

The Writers Guild of America has reached a tentative deal with studios and streamers to end its nearly five-month strike. / Variety

Now 73 days into its strike, SAG-AFTRA congratulates the WGA on reaching a possible deal, and urges studios to restart negotiations, which stalled in July. / Deadline

When a virtual cyclist tried to expose cheating on his favorite racing platform, he found himself the target of bans and threats. / The Hustle

"I still respond to the intensity of the city by creating a feeling of serenity." On beloved on-screen New York apartments. / The New York Times Style Magazine [+]

How Star Wars led to moviemaking's counterculture demise—and eventually to our current tech-fueled, fantasy-tinged reality. / Rolling Stone

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