Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Talk of the town

From outright lies to demands for loyalty, Trump's actions following his latest indictment follow an authoritarian playbook. / NPR

Ocean temperatures are rising, in part because of a 2020 measure to reduce ships' sulfur emissions, resulting in lower cloud coverage overall. / The Telegraph

"Google knows my home address. So, why on Earth does it default to showing me as many hotels as possible in the city where I live?" Google Maps is a mess. / Fast Company

Despite what you may have heard, cities aren't dying. But they do need to change to accommodate how the pandemic altered the ways we live and work now. / Vox

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If Elon Musk actually pays any Twitter users' legal bills, it would mark a distinct change from his habit of not paying for things. / The Verge

See also: An interview with the former owner of @music, who ran the account for 16 years until X/Twitter repo'd it last week. / Slate

"And then it gets done, but it doesn't get done the right way." Why nobody got paid for one of the most sampled sounds in hip-hop. / The Hustle

How to play old Flash games. / WIRED

A class-action lawsuit now appears likely to go forward against Texas Pete hot sauce because it's not really from Texas. / Houston Chronicle

Good posture isn't necessarily the answer to back pain, which may have more to do with the movement—or lack of it—between postures. / The Guardian

And in case you'd been wondering, you probably don't swallow spiders in your sleep. / BBC News

An appreciation of filling sandwiches with "fully realized salads with their own personality." / Table of Content

Watch: ASMR meets a club sandwich. / TikTok

"After the leaf was applied, the gold was polished with stone and outlined with ink." A step-by-step guide to making an illuminated manuscript. / Hyperallergic