Headlines edition

Monday headlines: The future of the office is a lab

Kjetil Tronvoll: The world´s largest ongoing armed conflict isn't Russia's attack on Ukraine, but Ethiopia and Eritrea´s massive offensives on Tigray. / Twitter

Nigeria's extensive flooding this year has killed more than 300 people. / The Republic

Europe seems to be ready for winter as renewable growth largely offsets coal. / Ars Technica

Americans discarded 51 million tons of plastic in 2021, of which 95% ended up in "landfills, oceans, or scattered in the atmosphere." / The Guardian

Gamblers involved in "extinction speculation" are watching for the end of the bluefin tuna. / Granta

A long piece from Kathryn Schulz on what we've lost playing the lottery. / The New Yorker

See also: A Michigan real-estate broker figures out how to gamble on historical patterns and win nearly $30 million from the state lottery. It does not end well. / The Atlantic

A discouraging interview with both Los Angeles mayoral candidates on their plans to tackle homelessness. / The New York Times

Worsening street homelessness in Democratic strongholds is becoming a political liability. / The Economist

San Francisco, full of empty office towers, looks to attract companies outside Big Tech. / Bloomberg

Rani Molla: The future of an office is a lab. / Vox

Ted Genoways describes what it's like to hit a moose, which then becomes your property. / Outside

A lucid article goes Inside science's attempt to understand the proton. / Quanta

Watch an archer set a new Guiness World Record for the most consecutive arrows shot through a keyhole. / Digg