Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: The great offlining

Helen Branswell: Here’s how the Covid pandemic in the United States reaches its end. / STAT

Stores in the US begin to give away their abundance of hand sanitizer. “It’s worth more to us gone.” / The Wall Street Journal

Kaitlyn Tiffany: We’ve just lived through the most online period in history, but “the great offlining” isn’t going to happen this summer, and it’s probably not even desired. / The Atlantic

See also: “I think the ‘offline high’ will last exactly 10 weeks.” / On Posting

It’s starting to feel like summer in some places, which means it’s time for bad articles about the “future of work.” / Galaxy Brain

Around 745,000 people died by stroke and heart disease in 2016 because they worked long hours. / Science Direct

India is now the third country after Brazil and the United States to surpass more than 300,000 Covid deaths. Meanwhile, Taiwan considers extending its second highest Covid alert. / CNN

Young people in France are increasingly turning to tarot and astrology to address their problems. / France24

Travel influencers reconsider their career options. / Refinery29

About 20 million people are waiting for their second vaccine dose across Africa, but the Serum Institute of India says its export freeze will continue through the end of the year. / NPR

With 60 days to go before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, there are more questions than answers. / The Conversation

Extreme weather kills 21 ultra-marathon runners during a race in China. / CNN

George Floyd’s family gathers in Minneapolis to mark the first anniversary of his death. / The Washington Post

A new generation of youth activists talk about the year that was. / The Los Angeles Times

One of New York’s star police officers has cost taxpayers more than two and a half million dollars in police-misconduct settlements. / The New Yorker

New economic analysis led by a prominent White House ally concludes that school and daycare closures are not driving low employment levels. / Politico

A cost breakdown of how a New York City restaurant loses money on a $14 egg sandwich. / Eater

A British academic urges the John Steinbeck estate to let the world read his shunned werewolf novel. / The Guardian