Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: The incredible sulk

The NYPD has been experimenting with letting neighborhoods—not police—respond to low-level street crime. / The New York Times

Sulking is unique in its role as an indirect communication device, the purpose of which is either a plea for help or a tool of manipulation. / Aeon

An illustrated guide to hand gestures and their meanings around the world. / The MIT Press Reader

"One way of thinking about a program like ChatGPT is that it's much better at assessing vibes than it is at reproducing facts." / Read Max

See also: A writer asks ChatGPT to control his life, which it then destroys in short order. / Motherboard

Ted Chiang: Instead of "artificial intelligence," we should call it "applied statistics," because it isn't intelligent at all. / Financial Times

Watch: ELIZA, a chatbot written in 1966, has a conversation with ChatGPT, triggering a flurry of "as an AI language model" responses. / YouTube

Adobe's new AI generative fill tool is fun for memes but bad at art. / Inside My Head, Hyperallergic

"Giant stalactites of graywater stab up from the cavern floor, the crystallized shit of an entire station, buried into the icecap." Life at the South Pole. / Salon

This is interesting: a small prize for a small website that "best embodies the idea of a small, playful, and heartfelt web." / Tiny Awards

"I took one, two shots, looked down at my camera and then up again, and she was nowhere." The story behind the photo that later became the cover of Dinosaur, Jr.'s Green Mind. / Boing Boing