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Monday Headlines: The joys of home pwnership

For May Day, workers demonstrate in cities across Asia and Europe—including in France, where unions continue rallying against increasing the retirement age. / Associated Press

Actually related: Searching for the best croissant in Paris. / YouTube

"You have a completely different experience of transparency when you are the subject." While rolling out a patient portal, a physician weighs questions of medical transparency. / The New Yorker

Medical researchers have developed an AI model that can accurately identify cancer faster than current methods. / The Guardian

See also: In a comparison of ChatGPT's medical responses to that of doctors, a trio of healthcare professionals preferred AI's bedside manner. / JAMA

One of the "godfathers of AI" quits Google over concerns that competition with Microsoft will lead to irresponsible decisions about deploying the technology. / The Verge

If you don't want AI training on our content, then where you post matters. / Orbis Tertius

Related: Possible Twitter replacement Bluesky is out in limited release—but according to its terms of service, it owns everything you post. / Mashable

"Many of these companies profess to democratize housing ownership or renting but end up creating predatory forms of inclusion." Welcome to proptech. / Motherboard

A survey of the valuables that ancient Romans dropped down the drain of a bath house in England. / The New York Times

The real difference between European and (most) American butter: The USDA has lower fat thresholds for what can be sold as butter. / Epicurious

See also: Watch Jacques Pépin make butter. / YouTube

"The start of the growing season is a critical time for hungry, newly emerged native bees." Get ready for No Mow May. / Bee City USA