Headlines edition

Monday headlines: The Kubrick Times

The world's nuclear stockpile is set to expand again this year, "and in many cases is being modernized." / The Economist

Inflation continues while the US economy slows, but workers still see their wages rise. / Quartz

Millennials gained $4.8 trillion of wealth in the past two years. Generation X gained $16.4 trillion. / Axios

Meanwhile, social media helps Gen Z discover jazzercise. / Bloomberg

Your weekly white paper: Sharing online content—even without reading it—inflates subjective knowledge. / SSRN

The McKinney fire burns 52,498 acres in Klamath National Forest near California's border with Oregon. / The Los Angeles Times

The National Guard estimates about 400 people have been rescued by helicopter in Kentucky. / YouTube

Taylor Swift is "the biggest celebrity CO2 polluter" for the frequent use of her private jet. / BuzzFeed News

Spain wants workers to stop wearing ties in order to lessen the country's reliance on Russian gas. / BBC News

A dozen-plus US cities are at risk of Middle East summer temperatures by 2100. / The Guardian

A neural network and DALL-E are writing articles to match the headlines devised for newspapers in 2001: A Space Odyssey. E.g., "1,000th Baby Born at South Pole City." / The Kubrick Times

Ontario-based artist Ava Roth combines elaborate embroidery with honeycomb. / Colossal

Old pictures of San Francisco. Some nice aerial photography. On location with Maine woodsmen in 1943. / Flickr, Instagram, Flashbak

Nichelle Nichols, Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek, dies at 89. She also worked with NASA to recruit minorities. / Fortune, CNN

Basketball superstar and human rights activist Bill Russell dies at 88. / NPR

And in case you didn't know, a 15-foot-tall statue of Tony Soprano now decorates a train station in southeastern Lithuania. / Atlas Obscura