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Headlines Edition

Monday headlines: The life of walking

Global banks seek to manage exposures in China, considering tensions over Taiwan. / Bloomberg, USA Today

Far-right leader Giorgia Meloni claims victory in Italy's election, and is on course to become the country's first female prime minister. / The Economist

Denmark and Germany are building the world's longest immersed tunnel. / CNN Travel

Headline of the week? "Bitter cabbage harvest brings South Korea's kimchi crisis to a head." / The Washington Post

An investigation finds nonprofit hospitals in the US hounding poor patients to pay for services they're supposed to receive for free. / The New York Times

Ian Millhiser: If the Supreme Court's last term was "an orgy of conservative excess," its next term has enormous policy stakes. / Vox

Ellen Pasternack: If we're going to breed animals for our own convenience, we ought to apply the same principles to give them better lives. / Works in Progress

A Canadian photographer finds melancholy in empty American diners. / The Guardian

Recent things seen and overheard while walking around New York City and Los Angeles. / Meditations in an Emergency

A website can search to see if your photographs were used to train AI tools. (The answer is quite possibly yes.) / Have I Been Trained, VICE

Redditors respond to a student who says they use AI to get perfect grades in school. / Reddit

The Dire Straits song "Walk of Life" is often considered the perfect thing to play at the end of movies. / Kottke

Louisa Thomas assesses Roger Federer's career and tearful farewell. / The New Yorker