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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: The misinformation superhighway.

After scientists in South Africa discovered the omicron Covid variant, which appears to have higher rates of reinfection, the country says it's being unjustly punished through travel bans. / BBC

See also: If previous Covid mutations are any guide, travel bans likely won't help quell the spread of the omicron variant. / NPR

The covert war Iran and Israel have been engaged in for years has now reached civilians, as government hackers begin attacking critical infrastructures. / The New York Times

A deep, deep dive into the massive clickbait ecosystem that results in Facebook and Google paying millions to fund misinformation. / MIT Technology Review

See also: Among various media outlets, there doesn't seem to be a clear definition of what constitutes "misinformation." / The New York Times

Nearly everything has come true on WIRED's 1997 list of the worst things that could happen in the 21st century. / Digg

What's the first example of science fiction? Maybe it's The Tempest, or perhaps ancient Greek myths. It all depends on how you define sci-fi. / Counter Craft

Design luminary Virgil Abloh has died at 41. / The Root

Related: An oral history of Abloh's life and career. / GQ

Why it's time to stop demonizing "invasive species": The reasons they've entered a new ecosystem are likely due to something people did. / Vox

A study finds the drop in air travel by major sports teams during the pandemic reduced their carbon footprints by 22%. / Concordia University

"You must not manipulate the French language, whatever the cause." France's struggle over a nonbinary pronoun. / The New York Times

A censored version of Birds of Prey that unexpectedly showed up on HBO Max is a reminder of the ways streaming services can erase history. / Gizmodo

"What could be less punk rock than giving every song, in effect, its own homeowners association?" Blockchain could fix the music industry (by replacing it). / Platformer

See also: Is crypto bullshit? / Model Citizen

Stunningly lit paintings of Tokyo streets at night, by Keita Morimoto. / Spoon & Tamago

The economics of Broadway shows, and why Hamilton totally upended the math everyone thought they knew. / The Hustle

An artist bio generator. / 500 Letters