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Monday headlines: The only thing millennials didn’t kill

Ukraine says Russia's proposed evacuation routes for civilians—to Belarus or Russia—are immoral. / BBC News

Edward Ongweso Jr. says sanctions targeting oligarchs are too broad—we should start seizing yachts, everybody's yachts. / VICE

A sanctions scholar says Russia's economic isolation will have dramatic repercussions for the global economy. / The Economist

For Russians who understand their state's murderous capacities, the response now is "defensive consolidation." / Postsocialism

See also: Andrei Kozyrev, foreign minister of Russia from 1991 to 1996, succinctly explains Putin's thinking. / Threadreader

Part of the reason that no-fly zones keep being brought up as solutions is that "the nature of airpower is so poorly understood." / War on the Rocks

The war in Ukraine is Putin's fault, yes, but prominent westerners played a key role in Russia's post-Soviet trajectory. / Social Europe

Unrelated: A job opening for a grizzly bear conflict manager. / USA Jobs

The price of oil approaches an all-time high. / The Guardian

For coach Mike Krzyzewski's final home game at Duke, the average ticket price on StubHub was $5,392. (Duke lost.) / USA Today, Go Heels

A photo essay shows the work that goes into printing 40,000 copies of a novel—a lot of glue, giant rolls of paper, and a press that weighs about 200,000 pounds. / The New York Times

Houseplants have been labeled "the only thing millennials didn't kill," but they weren't always so popular. / Culture Study

Watch: a first bath for a two-day-old baby at the Clinique de la Muette in Paris, France. / The Kid Should See This