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Headlines edition

Monday headlines: Think outside the boss

Severe flooding recently displaced more than 1.76 million people in Shanxi province in northern China, according to local media. / BBC News

Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights this weekend, citing weather and air traffic controller problems. No other airlines seemed to be impacted. / CNN

Related: An illustrated explainer on the decline of business travel "and how it could wreak havoc on your cheap economy tickets." / The Hustle

Where your milk comes from if you live in one of the United States' 10 most populated cities. / Quartz

A US-based economist wins the Nobel prize for economics (one of three to win) for research that showed an increase in minimum wage does not lead to less hiring. / The Associated Press

With his 33rd-straight win, Matt Amodio has the second-longest win streak in Jeopardy! history. / The Ringer

A mysterious boom jolted New Hampshire and Massachusetts yesterday, confusing residents. / The Indian Express

In two decades, the American bumblebee's population has declined by nearly 90 percent. / Smithsonian Magazine

Northern California wildfires may have killed hundreds of giant sequoias. / NPR

See also: "Fifteen years ago, a 100,000-acre fire would be the largest fire of your career. Now, we have one-million-acre fires." / The New York Times

Instagram says it will introduce new ways to nudge teenagers away from harmful content and encourage them to "take a break." / The Verge

Last week's testimony from Frances Haugen undercut Mark Zuckerberg's China defense against breaking up Facebook. / Fortune

Australia wants to make social media companies responsible for defamatory postings. / Reuters

Jenny Zhang: To understand "identity fraud" and how it functions in our racialized world, "it is helpful to remember the allegory of the girlboss." / Gawker

The history of James Bond films is littered with rejected songs from the likes of Radiohead and Blondie. / InsideHook

A simple question: Is "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits the perfect song to finish any movie? / WoL Project