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Russian soldiers are dying in greater numbers in Ukraine than at any time since the war's first week, according to Ukrainian data. / BBC News

In Saudi Arabia, 37% of women have a job or are looking for one. In 2017 it was 17%. / The Economist

Why so many flying objects shot down recently? One theory: NORAD is picking up more incursions because it's looking for them. / The New York Times 

Analysis of President Biden's term so far: mediocre as a liberal, but surprisingly competent as a nationalist. / New York

Paul Ford: God did the world a favor by destroying Twitter—for being a Tower of Babel. / WIRED ​​

Some people are counting to infinity together in a Reddit forum. (The forum is r/counting.) / VICE, Reddit

Tyler Cowen: Getting useful answers from a bot requires letting go of some of your intuitions about communication. / Bloomberg

See also: An AI-generated Decembrists song. / Colin Meloy's Machine Shop

With a national shortage in therapists, some colleges train undergrads to help fellow students. / The Wall Street Journal

Dekasegi ryugaku is a Japanese term that means "earning money while studying overseas." / The Economist

Recently trending terms: "deinfluencing," "panopticontent," and "borgs." (If you have a college student in your life, they can tell you about borgs.) / The Trend Report, NBC News

If you wondered about that Jesus Christ ad during the Super Bowl, it's part of a billion-dollar evangelical campaign. / Slate

More than 18 million employees across the U.S. are expected to call in sick to work today. / Business Wire