Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Twenty days in November.

An in-depth look at the past 20 incredibly stupid days of Trump's attempt to overturn the election. / The Washington Post

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has thrown out US Rep. Mike Kelly's election challenge, which would have invalidated millions of mail-in votes. / NBC News

"And now we wait." It will take a few weeks before it's clear what effect Thanksgiving had on Covid-19 spread. / STAT

The reason behind the assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientist may have been to prevent Biden from reviving the nuclear deal. / The New York Times

Emboldened by Biden's win, career EPA employees are openly flouting the Trump administration's last-minute moves to weaken environmental regulations. / The New York Times

The Biden administration's senior White House communications team is the first ever to be composed entirely of women. / Newsweek

Joe Biden has suffered hairline fractures in his foot after slipping while playing with his dog. / BuzzFeed News

"Real Americans," "Rust Belt voters," "Suburbanites," "The silent majority," and 51 other ways white people say "white people" without actually saying "white people." / The Root

"How could you allow millions of people to suffer like this and then make them pay taxes? Like, what are the taxes for?" America can't depend on Twitter philanthropists for coronavirus relief. / Jacobin

Negative customer reviews of scented candles on Amazon grew over the course of 2020—very likely due to loss of smell from COVID-19. / Twitter

There is a mason jar shortage right now—an occurrence that tends to happen in times of economic insecurity. / Marker

The mysterious silver monolith found in a southeastern Utah desert has disappeared, possibly removed with concrete-cutting tools. / The Cut

Related: The monolith may have been installed by artist John McCracken, who died in 2011, and who privately said he wanted to leave art in remote places to be discovered. / The New York Times

In her "50 Pies / 50 States" project, Stacey Mei Yan Fong created an elaborate pie for each US state—such as South Dakota's blue corn crust with a wild rice and sunflower milk pudding. / NPR

The UK's culture secretary wants Netflix to show a message at the beginning of each episode of The Crown to inform viewers that the series is fictional. / BuzzFeed News

See also: "The Crown isn’t making the royal family look bad. They do a fine job of that themselves." / The Guardian

In a first, researchers combined X-rays and CT scanning to reveal clues about a 1,900-year-old mummy—without having to tamper with the body. / CNN

David Prowse, who wore the Darth Vader costume in the original Star Wars trilogy, has died at 85. / NPR

From the archives: When a department store Darth Vader took the role too seriously, and made second-grader Matthew Baldwin shiver in fear. / The Morning News